Easy CD & DVD Burning Eng (box) 220810EU

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Easy CD & DVD Burning Eng (box) 220810EU

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Easy disc burning & copying right from your desktop

Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning ™ is an easy to use softvér program for sharing and preserving digital media on discs. Capture, organize, edit, burn and share your photos, videos, audio and data files on CD or DVD.

Burning & Copying
• Burn and copy discs directly on your desktop with the Roxio Burn desktop widget
• Archive large dáta projects across multiple discs
• Back up your media and data files to CDs, DVDs, and dual-layer DVDs

• Organize your pictures into digital photo albums
• Crop and Straighten, remove red-eye or add special effects
• Create stunning slide shows to play back in your home DVD player
• Preserve your photos on CD or DVD

• Rip, play, edit, organize, burn and share music
• Create your own music CD Mixes
• Turn your old LPS and cassettes into music CDs -even remove pops and clicks
• Add cross-fades, effects, and visualizations
• Create personalized disc labels and DVD covers

• Easily import photos or video into your PC
• Create home movies with professional transitions, motion menus and music
• Burn Video CDs, SVCDs or DVDs
• Play them back on your home DVD player